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Anxiety and Depression


When it comes to anxiety and/or depression

I strive to help you balance these daily stressors.  Having a safe space to process thoughts and feeling and events can be very helpful in the quest to find the skills to manage the ups and downs.


I support your choice on whether or not to use medication as a tool.  As an LMFT I cannot prescribe medication, but I am happy to consult with your medical care team.

Sexual Identity & Diversity


As a certified sex educator my passion is creating a safe space for all sexualities and sexual lifestyles.  I work with people from a variey of communitites, including but not limited to LGBTQIIA populations, the leather/kink/BDSM scene, sex workers, non-monogomous and gender expansive folks.

Assigned & Chosen Families


I offer a space for nuclear, blended families, chosen family, as well as families who are divorced/separated.  I recognize that many people are involved with different types of families, be it leather family, queer/drag houses, or sex worker families. I offer a space for families no matter how defined. 

Gender Journey/ Exploration


I believe that everyone’s gender identity is different.  I work with clients to explore the spectrum of identities that present in the world and in different cultures.  With clients who want to do gender exploration, sometimes there is a goal in sight (hormones, surgery) or the journey is the goal.  


I offer assessment letters for gender related surgeries and can help guide you towards gender goals and supporting you through navigating systems. I work with other health providers to help you on your way and provide support.


I also work with partners and family members of folks who are on their own gender journey.

Body Positivity


Body stuff can be hard, and can affect our lives in different ways. As a therapist we can work together to tackle these issues, change behaviors, and work towards a more healthy sense of yourself. Body-positivity and gaining self-acceptance are a big part of my practice and I strongly believe in supporting you where you are at.

Relationship Work (Including Multi-Partner Relationships)


I offer relationship sessions for couples of all sexual backgrounds and multi-partner relationships.  Together we work to increase communication skills and to have a safe space to process issues.  I also work with relationships that are coming to an end, and work with you to honor the relationship you had and end in an amicable way.


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